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What a great idea!!


We'd always thought that a salon was the perfect place for a built in vacuum system.  You know, the kind that's built in to the wall, and the main suction unit is in the garage, or some other inconspicuous place.  Vacuum up all those little tiny hairs, instead of just sweeping them around the shop.  They just recently came up with a great idea for homes, an under the cabinet inlet chute for kitchens in houses with built in vacuum systems.  That's great, but, since most salons are in rented spaces, nobody wanted to go to the extreme expense of having a built in system installed, especially since you'd have to leave it if you ever moved for any reason. 

That's why, when we saw the original StyleVac, we got so excited.  At last, a product that would do the job of an expensive built in, at a fraction of the price for one.  In fact, the StyleVac has features that a standard built in can't offer.  The top of the unit is a handy trash can.  Perfect for used foils, tissues, broken clips, etc., and with a convenient pedal to pop the lid.  Hands free.  You'll appreciate that feature, when you've got both hands full of stuff.  And the bottom!  The bottom of the StyleVac houses a powerful vacuum motor, with foam filtration for safety, and a sanitary disposable paper bag.  The vacuum is also hands free, with the switch conveniently located under the other foot pedal.  The disposable bag is the heart of the StyleVac's appeal.  Each bag, (the largest available in the industry,) can hold up to a week's worth of hair, depending on the clientele and volume of your salon.  The bags are sold in packages of 6, so two packs can cover your needs for up to three months.  And, the bags are very easy to manage, by just unclipping the two large latches on the sides, lifting the trash bin off, and changing out the full one.  Nothing could be simpler.  There's even a full-bag indicator right on the front of the StyleVac, to let you know when it's time for the change. 

The sleek design, and the small footprint of the unit, mean that the StyleVac will go with almost any decor, and fit neatly in a corner of your salon, under a counter, or parked at an unused station.  Its' light weight, (only 14 lbs.,) means you can move it to wherever it's most convenient, for each and every situation.  There's a bagless version now, as well!

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