Not just for hair salons!

Not just for kitchens!

You've got everything you need in your woodworking shop, all of the right tools, except for one that gives you a way to clean up all the little stuff, in seconds.

No more bending!  No more stooping!

If you share your workspace with the family, you know how annoying all that sawdust on the floor is.  The Wood Duster Vacuum makes clean up a snap.  Sawdust, chips, splinters, clips, large staples, all sorts of woodworking shop debris.  Gone! 

You don't need to find the dustpan, this unit is right there under your cabinet, and it's electric.  It's got an available attachment hose kit, which is unbelievably handy, and a large capacity disposable paper bag in the bottom.  There's also a reusable cloth bag available.  Sawdust and chips are easily dumped out into the trash, when the unit tells you it's full.  Or, you can just toss the paper bag.  You can even toss it into your compost heap.  The front label comes right off, leaving you with a clean looking combination trash bin/electric dustpan combo.  No bending or stooping.  And there's one more unique feature:
Now Available - A hose attachment that can hook your Wood Duster Vac DIRECTLY to the sawdust outlet on most Power Tools.  If you don't already have a dust collector system, the Wood Duster Vac can serve as your own individual collector.

Wood Duster Vacuum