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Not just for salons!

Not just for hair!

The StyleVac can be  a great addition to your kitchen.    Quick, convenient clean up, and handy flip-top trash can.  Automatic vacuum action for your floors and an available hose kit for stove and cabinet cleaning.  It's an electric dust pan, with benefits!

 No more bending!

No more stooping!

You've seen how it works in the salon.  You can imagine how wonderful it would be in your home.  Crumbs and crackers, dog hairs and food bits, no need to hunt for the dust pan.  Just grab the broom, sweep, and it's gone!  All of it! In seconds!  It's amazing!

People spend hundreds of dollars extra on top of the huge amount they've paid for a whole house built in vacuum system, to get inlets in their kitchens.  It's a great selling feature, if they haven't already installed the cabinets.  If they have, you're looking at an expensive retrofit.  You might consider a Stylevac, instead.  At $179.95, it's a heck of a lot cheaper than a whole built in system, and there's one more thing:  You can take it with you when you move.  It doubles as a kitchen garbage bin, and common grocery bags (paper or plastic?) serve as the liners for the trash.  Makes a great gift, too, for anyone who can't bend down too well, or anyone with a woodworking shop.  Get one for your father in law.  Get one for your own kitchen.  Get one for your cabinet making uncle.  Get one for yourself!

Shown here in attractive black.  Add $20.00 for custom color.