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Here are some excerpts from a letter we received through the manufacturer:


Dear StyleVac,

I want to let you know that I love my Style-Vac.

I own a hair salon; I was tired of hair everywhere! When hair is swept into a dust pan with a broom, then dumped into a trash can, not all of the hair ends up in the can, it floats and ends up all over the place, some of it never makes it into the dust pan at all so that hair will be tracked everywhere! The Style-Vac resolves that problem.  I can sweep the hair right up to the can then turn it on; All of the hair is sucked up! It also makes for a quicker clean up between clients. Clients love it, too. When someone sees it in use they comment on how they need one for their own kitchen, especially if they have kids who do the kitchen chores.


Thanks for such a great product!


JG Fort Collins, CO

One gentleman wrote, after purchasing his third unit, "Thanks for saving my back.."
PR Fort Lauderdale, FL
And this one, from across the pond:

I couldn't believe it. Not only was the hair getting all over me, and my customers, but I'd spend hours dusting my displays, the cabinets, the workstations, sweeping up in the loo. We don't cut hair in the loo, but, we sure were sweeping it up in there. With the StyleVac in my salon, there's much less of the hair getting away from me. It all goes right into the paper bag! It's amazing! It's one of those things, before I heard of the StyleVac, I never knew I needed it. Now, I can't think how I ever got along without it. It's just that great.

With thanks,

RLG Bristol, UK