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Here's what you get with the Standard

An Automatic Electric Dust Pan!         


A trash bin that operates hands-free!

A vastly cleaner working environment!

Here's what's available:

An attachment set that allows you to keep your whole salon clean!

It's a question of value:

For the price of maybe 5 haircuts, you can save at least $1800.00!

Up to $2,000 for a built in, only $179.95
for a standard white StyleVac!

For information on the bagless model, click here

There's a well known nationwide chain of haircutters that spends TENS of THOUSANDS of dollars installing built in vacuum systems in their stores.  Why?  Because they claim it makes their shops the cleanest.  They claim that their cleanups are the quickest, and the stylists can get a lot more cutting done, because they're spending less time handling the hair, after it's cut.

There's a manufacturer of Built in Vacuum Systems, that advertises to salons on the internet.  Their pitch is the same.  Cleaner working environment, quicker clean up between clients, more time to spend with your customers.  What they don't say, in the advertisements, is how much this will cost you.  They also don't tell you about the potential problems.

A standard built in system installation, depending on what part of the country you're in, and how difficult the job turns out to be, can run anywhere from $2,000.00, up to $7,000.00, depending on the number of stations.  This makes the cost basis to install a system for less than 3 stations very high.  In addition to which, you can't take it with you, once it's in the wall.

So, when the question comes up, great value is the answer!  The StyleVac, normally $249.00, is on sale right now for $179.95.  With the available attachment set (here) for above the ground cleaning, the comparison to a built-in is obvious.  The difference in price is obvious, too!  The StyleVac also has a handy flip top trash bin on the top,  perfect for wet foils and paper towels.  And also hands-free.  With a StyleVac, you get rid of your old trash can, while adding a convenient way to deal with all those little hairs, by vacuuming them right into a disposable sanitary  paper bag.

You don't need a built-in system in your salon.  You need a StyleVac.